shown 例文

EN[ˈʃoʊ̪n] [-əʊn]
示します, 示されています

    Examples of shown in a Sentence

  • 例文 show
    1. Yahoo , for example, announced deals with TV makers to build in Yahoo widgetsminimodules that show weather, stock prices, sports scores and other kinds of canned Internet data.
    2. The old book was left to molder until only the cover was left to show it had ever been written.
    3. Many dishes show a direct influence of China or India; for example, momos, or Tibetan dumplings, look like Chinese pot-stickers.
    4. Pokemon has a mulligan rule: if you have no Pokemon in your opening hand, you show it to your opponent and redraw. You may also take a mulligan, I believe, if your opening hand has no basic power cards.
    5. But I could use it as a murse for the show if you're parting with that ole thing.
    6. After a seven-year interlude [ … ] she has brought back the sweetly madcap nostalgist of her fondly remembered 2001 show, which opened at Arci’s Place, now defunct, on lower Park Avenue.
    7. But although her agent has invoked that tradition of post-show omerta in her defence, the truth is that few would trust these days to what it is now possibly risky to call Chinese walls.
  • 例文 shows
    1. Fig 7 shows representative slit-lamp biomicroscopic images for each group.
    2. “There is an air of impunity in which that video shows the assault was committed. The police knew they were on CCTV, and still did it, then arrogantly and blasely washed away the blood.”
    3. Among extant carnivores, such a rotatory fibula is known in bears and cats for instance and, among Hyaenodontidae, a rotary fibula is known in Hyaenodon, although Hyaenodon shows clear adaptations to cursoriality as well.
    4. Table 9 shows the results of average values, fuzzy weights and defuzzied weights of the attributes for the decision-making process.
    5. According to Subirana (1969) one quarter of the population is preponderantly right-handed; one third shows right predominance; one quarter shows mixed or double-handedness, and one sixth a left predominance.
    6. Old Buggy and Winter Birds shows a buggy parked in front of a drive shed, while cardinals, juncos, and song sparrows feed on grain strewn over the ground.
    7. The eggcrate display has been used on more game shows than any other score display in history, and is still used today on The Price Is Right.
    8. In general, the mature endosperm shows a protein-rich outer layer and exotegmic cells have a zigzag pattern, while the exotesta is siliciferous.
    9. There is an intradural extra-medullary mass with an extraspinal component at C7-D2 level causing cord compression and there is a paraspinal component at this level which shows some degree of enhancement.
  • 例文 shown
    1. Conflicting data has shown antitumorigenic or protumorigenic functions on macrophages in particular, however our data indicates macrophages play a protumorigenic role in GC patients.
    2. Au-NRs were incubated in BSA at the concentrations shown, subjected to five cycles of centrifugation and redispersion in water and then analyzed for LSPR peak intensity and peak shift.
    3. The docked conformation with the best idock score was selected because it was previously shown to be the most likely one closest to the crystal conformation with a redocking success rate of more than 50% on three different benchmarks [6 ].
    4. Various groups have also shown by sphingolipidomic analysis that several phytoceramide subspecies increased in wild type cells after hydroxyurea treatment.
    5. The silty sediments were exposed subaerially and subject to soil-forming processes leading to paleosol formation in a well-drained floodplain as it is shown by mottled sediments, and calcareous nodules [ …]
    6. UMAF0158 has a gene cluster resembling that of the production of syringolin A (PSYRMG_24250–24275), a toxin that has been shown to counteract stomatal innate immunity in beans and Arabidopsis [84 ].
    7. For example, in many taxocenes, body size has been shown to influence the way species use and divide resources and therefore could also limit their relative abundances [9 –12 ].
  • 例文 showed
    1. The team lost, but they showed a lot of heart.
    2. The retired cowboy showed off his horsemanship by doing tricks in the saddle.
    3. The computer showed an hourglass mouse cursor to indicate that it was too busy to process user input.
    4. As he grew, he sat in the council of state, learning kingcraft, and showed there the hard-headed sense of fairness and justice that went with him through life.
    5. Mirai Nagasu, like Zhang a promising 14-year-old, showed equally astonishing flexibility on a layback spin Wednesday, leaning so far that the back of her head nearly touched her backside.
    6. "What of his heart perceive you in his face by any likelihood he showed to-day ?" (Shak)
    7. The motivation scores showed that 65% of people wanted to visit our website to learn more about the offer after watching the commercial.
  • 例文 showing
    1. Estonia were struggling to get to grips with the game while Ireland were showing a composure and guile that demonstrated their experience in play-off ties.
    2. But Rabbit feels as though he owns it all, showing up at the showroom day after day, riding herd on the paperwork and the payroll [...]. - Rabbit Is Rich by John Updike
    3. The gondwanatherian Vintana showing a combination of primitive and highly derived features recently described from the Maastrichtian of Madagascar [75 ] is another example of insular mosaicism in an allotherian mammal but from Southern Hemisphere.
    4. Spence [23 ] reported a biodistance analysis of cranial, dental, and postcranial traits in human remains from Teotihuacan showing a preference for patrilocality.
    5. In humans, SOX9 haploinsufficiency causes campomelic dysplasia (CD, MIM #114290), a syndrome showing partial XY sex reversal and defects in the development of the reproductive and skeletal systems.
    6. ( E ) Ninety-five percent majority rule consensus tree from Bayesian analyses of five concatenated genes from cirratuliform annelids, showing Swima n. gen. as part of Acrocirridae.
  1. en shown off
  2. en shown who's boss
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