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  • 例文 show
    1. He waved them up and down to show that his throwing shoulder still operates despite a sprained acromioclavicular joint, or AC joint.
    2. There is no way he has seen that show, the admission is more than he makes in a week.
    3. These alloforms show a similar amino acid composition but differ in the associated carbohydrate components.
    4. You've got to come to Chicago to meet Duell, and see Wilson, who's going to angel the show.
    5. So I am quite proud of us, I think it was a great show, every band was pure concentrated awesome sauce!
    6. to show something in a bad light
    7. McCarthy will point to their bad luck but the statistics now show that Wolves have lost four league matches and have claimed one point from a possible 15 - so it may prove to be another difficult season for the Midlands side.
  • 例文 shows
    1. When brain function ceases, the electroencephalogram shows flatline recordings.
    2. The Egyptian idiom ḥm-nṯr ("servant of a god" = "priest") is written: which would appear to read *nṯr-ḥm. However, this phrase shows honorific transposition of the nṯr glyph.
    3. The appointment of an infanteer from The Highlanders as the Sovereign's Piper shows that the events following Culloden are no longer raw in the memory. official web site of the British Monarchy
    4. "H'm," said Rolf, "'it just shows,' as old Sylvanne sez, 'this yer steel-trap, hair-trigger, cocksure jedgment don't do.
    5. They send people to the shows in Milan for "ideas", which means knocking off the designs they guess would sell.
    6. Whenever Brown shows up, wearing his African kufi and confronting issues, I find myself nodding vigorously, for old-time’s sake.
    7. His life history shows that he frequently moves from town to town, moving from one job to the next.
  • 例文 shown
    1. He felt disquieted at the lack of interest the child had shown.
    2. They were shown an educational film about VD.
    3. As Xu and Carey have shown, while children may be aware of property or featural distinctions between objects, they do not use them to distinguish unique individuals (Xu and Carey 1996 ).
    4. A program summary showing the type and volume of fluid and the size and amount of sand that is planned for the eight fracs is shown in table 1.
    5. We have previously shown that there is no “virama” sign as a generalkiller” in Khmer script, unlike, for example, in Devanagari script. — http://std.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc2/wg2/docs/n2458.pdf
    6. Rodwell was sent off by referee Martin Atkinson - who has shown 15 red cards since the start of last season - after 23 minutes for what appeared to be a legitimate challenge on Suarez.
    7. Mainstreaming has become more common in recent years, as studies have shown that many mainstreamed students with mild learning disabilities learn better than their non-mainstreamed counterparts.
  • 例文 showed
    1. The lecturer showed a lot of polish at his last talk.
    2. Overall, experience in the two decades that followed the publication of Dijkstra's letter showed the folly of producing goto-laden code.
    3. Instead of the initial necrotic symptoms typical of PD, the lower leaves (closest to the inoculation zones) of inoculated plants showed prominent anthocyanosis with green veinal areas (Fig 4C and 4D ).
    4. In addition, Juglans nigra showed hepatoprotective and anticlastogenic effects induced by arsenite.
    5. Our results showed that sSCP 1 could not only scavenge DPPH·, hydroxyl radical and ABTS ·+ and antiglycation in vitro, but also elevated SOD and CAT activities and decreased MDA content of serum in vivo, it is a kind of idealer antioxidant.
    6. Based on these observations it is clear that C-10 showed a significant reduction in cell viability and also showed antiangiogenic and antimigratory effects compared to positive controls.
    7. The exhibition lasted only from 6 to 6:26 p.m., the artists said, because a security guard, alerted by concerned bathroomgoers, showed up and tapped on Mr. Hartshorn’s shower curtain.
    8. Posthoc, a bifactor model in which (besides the 5 separate factors) a general factor is hypothesized accounting for the commonality of the items showed a significantly better fit than the five factor model.
  • 例文 showing
    1. In this section we propose to contribute to the general project of connecting chance and credence by showing that Reichenbach’s objectivistic approach is intimately linked to subjectivistic Jeffrey conditionalization.
    2. Christie’s held a preauction showing for rich Russian art collectors at Pashkov House last fall, and Boucheron, the French jewelry house, held an exhibition and soirée there in March.
    3. a questioning look - showing puzzlement.
    4. It sounds like Wilder is at his raconteurial best, telling stories and showing off his wit.
    5. In a sense, SF tries to make the strange familiar — by showing SFnal elements in a context that helps us understand them.
    6. Red lipsticked, smelling strongly of talc, showing off a swollen, sneakered foot, she proclaimed herself “the queen of fashion, and Mr. Boiz the prince.”
    7. Being 26, I flung myself actorishly on London and without any intimations of my own ludicrousness spent two years showing God what I thought of him by letting myself go.
    8. He argued with the judge contemptuously, showing no respect or remorse for his actions.
    9. Athletic have been showing signs of fatigue domestically and they never quite seemed to reach the same pitch of intensity that had so unsettled Manchester United and Schalke 04 in earlier rounds.
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