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  • 例文 show
    1. Those who endorse the A-theory of time, for example, often attempt to show that tense is ineliminable, i. e. , it is impossible to adequately paraphrase tensed sentences into tenseless ones.
    2. This Sunday night talk show, led by Sean Hannity, the conservative radio and television personality, may look like the kind of ultrapatriotic, Blame-the-Clintons-First program that is the lifeblood of Fox News.
    3. The closer a poet is to the subject he elegizes, the more we expect him to respond in ways that aren’t “poetic” — but it takes craft to make a poem seem uncrafted, and it takes words to show how short our words can fall.
    4. In the end, that supposedly open, unjuried show didn’t work that way at all.
    5. The show is every bit as socially engaged as its video-heavy 2002 predecessor, but packages its politics in a different way, in unmonumental objects and installations by undersung, not to say unknown, artists.
    6. A ride-along, three-segments-each reality show, Cops is unnarrated, except when an officer driving a patrol car loosely decodes the cryptic numerals exchanged with the precinct, thus warning the viewer of what is to come.
    7. The show includes several works from the Cuba-Mexico trip, including the slightly strangeDesert Cook,” who has an unplucked chicken in one hand and a plate in the other.
  • 例文 shows
    1. Well, let's face it, neurotypicals don't have the same focus you or I have. They always get distracted, by marriage, kids, competitive cooking shows.
    2. Its nonadvertising revenue includes fees to carry the pay channel Showtime, the sale of television shows on DVDs and book publishing.
    3. The channel boosted its nondrama broadcasting by commissioning more cookery shows.
    4. He shows interestingly scant interest in the nonerotic and nonpsychological details of her existence; he prefers the hot stuff, just as his readers will.
    5. In an ironic turn, the stubbornly nonreferential Lang was a dominant reference at the fall shows [ … ] .
    6. His novel shows a penetrating insight into the criminal mind.
    7. The Sunday job of wraparounds and pregames and postgames and half-time shows is certainly the toughest job I've ever been around.
    8. His plots and protean characters plunge readers into the world of fable, yet their universal appeal, as this biography shows, is deeply rooted in the particularity of Garcia Marquez’s own idiosyncratic early life...
  • 例文 shown
    1. Robin Hood is always shown as bearding the Sheriff of Nottingham.
    2. We have shown that the norbornene π-bonds in 77 reacted with azides to produce a diastereomeric pair of 2:1 adducts 79 that were converted photochemically to a single bisaziridine 80.
    3. Celtic captain Scott Brown joined team-mate Majstorovic in the book and Rangers' John Fleck was also shown a yellow card as an ill-tempered half drew to a close.
    4. Boolean logic can be shown to be "embedded" in integer arithmetic (modulo 2) by assigning polynomials to logical connectives, like so:
    5. BTW, have you noticed that the xenophobia regularly shown on South Park goes way overboard when the topic is Canada? Then it becomes Canadaphobia. Are Canadians offended by this?
    6. On entering the palace we were shown into a cowyard without a tree in it, or any shade; and no one was allowed to sell us food until a present of friendship was paid, after which the hongo would be discussed.
    7. Bread or tobacco may be neglected where they are shown to be useful to health, because of an indifferency or disrelish to them; reason and consideration at first recommends, and begins their trial, and use finds, or custom makes them pleasant.
    8. He has shown great enterprise throughout his early career.
    9. Sarah couldn’t find the words to explain why the commercial made her feel so sentimental. It wasn’t anything the announcer said or any particular image shown; it was just how she felt.
  • 例文 showed
    1. Arsene Wenger's side showed little of the style and fluidity that is their hallmark but this was about digging deep and getting the job done, qualities they demonstrated and that will serve them well as the season reaches its climax.
    2. The team lost, but they showed a lot of heart.
    3. The retired cowboy showed off his horsemanship by doing tricks in the saddle.
    4. The computer showed an hourglass mouse cursor to indicate that it was too busy to process user input.
    5. As he grew, he sat in the council of state, learning kingcraft, and showed there the hard-headed sense of fairness and justice that went with him through life.
    6. Mirai Nagasu, like Zhang a promising 14-year-old, showed equally astonishing flexibility on a layback spin Wednesday, leaning so far that the back of her head nearly touched her backside.
    7. "What of his heart perceive you in his face by any likelihood he showed to-day ?" (Shak)
    8. The motivation scores showed that 65% of people wanted to visit our website to learn more about the offer after watching the commercial.
  • 例文 showing
    1. If she had had the doubleton ace of diamonds and a low club, she would have made a four-club splinter bid, showing four-card spade support, the values for game and a singleton or void in clubs.
    2. They did a dry run of the demonstration before showing it to the CEO.
    3. WEST POINT , N.Y., May 22 — The graduating cadets of the United States Military Academy spent their final days here like scores of seniors, or firsties, before them: packing foot lockers and showing their mothers around gray buildings and sweeping lawns.
    4. The food pyramid surprised me by showing that we should eat lots of cheese.
    5. The karaoke has been well received by those who frequent the oriental cabaret scene and adopt its particular social behaviors such as conversation, companionship, being seen, and showing off.
    6. When push came to shove he gave in almost immediately, showing that he was a man of straw after all.
    7. After the accuser proved unable to identify her assailants during two photo lineups, Nifong told the police to give her a third chance, showing her pictures only of the 46 white lacrosse players without any pictures of “fillers,” or nonsuspects.
    8. Since the machine was showing two lemons and a cherry, I decided to try a nudge.
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