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EN[bɪˈkʌm] [bəˈkʌm] [bɪˈkʊm] [bəˈkʊm] [biˈkʌm] [-ʌm]

    Examples of become in a Sentence

  • 例文 become
    1. But the risk is that being put on a quango hitlist becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as organisations targeted for the chop find their best staff leave and become hard to replace.
    2. This is a measure of homeostatic regulation, which is weak during the first two postnatal weeks until animals become homoeothermic around P14.
    3. Typically, osteoporosis causes the amount of trabecular bone to be reduced and the bone to become thinner, while the intertrabecular space enlarges and the interconnected structure of trabecular bone is disrupted.
    4. The basic concept of bonding to enamel and dentin is essentially an exchange process involving replacement of minerals removed from the dentin by resin monomers, which, upon setting, become micromechanically interlocked in the created porosities.
    5. This describes the movie-goer's wish to overcome the difference between herself and the star so that she can become more like the star.
    6. Her act became the hottest ticket in the country, and getting into the Ramona Room had become as difficult for the nightclub-goer as it had been for Jo in the first place.
    7. We also study the conditions under which topological bicomplex modules and locally bicomplex convex modules become hyperbolic normable and hyperbolic metrizable respectively..
    8. The claim that policing has become dangerously overcentralised is now a political commonplace.
  • 例文 became
    1. He scraped and saved until he became rich.
    2. Some of our gentlemen officers, happening to stop at a tavern, or rather a sort of grogshop, took such a seasoning that two or three of them became “quite frisky.”
    3. John Timbs, in his Walks and Talks about London, tells us that Phillips's colleague in the shrievalty was one Smith, who afterwards became Lord Mayor: The personnel of the two sheriffs presented a sharp contrast.
    4. Michelle left behind her bank job and became a sister at the local convent.
    5. She lost so much weight while she was ill that she became a skeleton.
    6. Fernando Amorebieta seemed to have checked him, but a stepover created a fraction of room that became significant as the defender slipped, giving Falcao just enough space to curl a superb finish into the top corner.
    7. Blaser, for whom the rumored death of his program has been an annual affair, recalled the other day how nervous he was the first time he heard swimming might be cut his freshman year and how it became easier to sluff off the rumors.
    8. Tell me: How did it come to pass that virtue —— a quality that for most of history has generally been deemed, well, a virtue ——— became a mark of liberal softheadedness?
  • 例文 becomes
    1. When the sun rises the world becomes visible. ‎
    2. He becomes washen by washing away evil and wrong states.
    3. This commonplace observation becomes very poignant when you are the man accused, and a man like McCarthy ruthfully exploits his advantage by making the accusations so sensational that the revelation of the truth seems drab and dull by comparison.
    4. ...because when you throw everything up in the air anything becomes possible – wayupthere, at any rate, changes took place in delirious actors that would have gladdened the heart of old Mr Lamarck...
    5. When a 47-year-old becomes president by trouncing a 72-year-old opponent, there’s every reason to think that the tide is turning youthward.
    6. Here the passage modulates into A-sharp and becomes very difficult to read.
    7. When the mixing becomes resonant, the phonon sideband anticrosses with the excited exciton state.
    8. With this initiative, Valucard becomes an open system that is not limited to point of sale (POS) transactions, but now avails cash to its holders in various locations nationwide.
  • 例文 becoming
    1. Pythagoras learned much [ …] becoming a mighty wiseacre. — Leland.
    2. The campaign is in crisis mode, they are running scared and it is becoming obvious.
    3. Hopefully, the possibilities afforded by escaping and unescaping strings are now becoming clear.
    4. I guess I thought that by being haphazard and isolated and gloomy, by doing the wedding ceremony all wrong, I was unjinxing the marriage, or at least freeing it up and freeing myself from becoming “a married woman.”
    5. There are too many examples of successful entrepreneurs who have upped sticks and gone elsewhere. from: http://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21570834-nordic-region-becoming-hothouse-entrepreneurship-if-doubt-innovate
    6. In the current era of large surveys and massive data sets, autoclassification of astrophysical sources using intelligent algorithms is becoming increasingly important.
    7. I think he was referring to how some women are being pressured into becoming "supermoms". Unfortunately, many women who try being both careerwoman and child-raiser at the same time end up screwing up both roles.
    8. After his wife died, he had sent her to live on a cousin's farm in Minnesota to keep her away from "that old davil sea," but she found trouble anyway, becoming a prostitute.
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