space 意味

EN[speɪs] [-eɪs]
スペース 空間
  • 空間(くうかん)とは、
  • (日常の用語)物体が存在しない、相当に広がりのある部分。あいている所。「ビル街の空間」「生活空間」のように用いる。
  • (哲学)時間と共に物質界を成立させる基礎形式。アリストテレスなどに古代ギリシアの思想では、個々の物が占有する場所(トポス)である。カントは空間を時間とともに人間精神の直観形式だとする立場を呈示した。
  • (物理)ニュートンは、空間を3次元のユークリッド空間、すなわち、3方向に無限に拡がる均質なもので、物質の存在から独立した空虚な容器のようなものとし、やはり均質に空間や物質とは切り離されて存在する時間がある(いわゆる「絶対空間」と「絶対時間」)、

    Definition of space in English Dictionary

  • 名詞 (Noun)PLspacesSUF-ace
    1. (heading) Of time.
      1. Come on, thou are granted space.
      2. I pray you, sirs, to take some cheers the while I go for a moment's space to my poor afflicted child.
      3. Even Comrade Butt cast off his gloom for a space and immersed his whole being in scrambled eggs.
    2. (heading) Unlimited or generalized physical extent.
      1. But neere him, thy Angell / Becomes a feare: as being o're-powr'd, therefore / Make space enough betweene you.
      2. O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and / count my selfe a King of infinite space; were it not that / I haue bad dreames.
      3. Space is the Phantasme of a Thing existing without the Mind simply.
      4. After all, to go into outer space is not so much worse, if at all, than a polar expedition.
      5. Around the time of my parents' divorce, I learned that reading could also give me space.
    3. (heading) A bounded or specific physical extent.
      1. Carried somehow, somewhither, for some reason, on these surging floods, were these travelers,  [ …] . Even such a boat as the Mount Vernon offered a total deck space so cramped as to leave secrecy or privacy well out of the question, even had the motley and democratic assemblage of passengers been disposed to accord either.
      2. The note next above Sol is La; La, therefore, stands in the 2nd space; Si, on the 3rd line, &c.
      3. According to experts, a single line of text should rarely exceed about 50 characters (including letters and all the spaces between words).
      4. If it be only a Single Letter or two that drops, he thruſts the end of his Bodkin between every Letter of that Word, till he comes to a Space: and then perhaps by forcing thoſe Letters closer, he may have room to put in another Space or a Thin Space; which if he cannot do, and he finds the Space ſtand Looſe in the Form; he with the Point of his Bodkin picks the Space up and bows it a little; which bowing makes the Letters on each ſide of the Space keep their parallel diſtance; for by its Spring it thruſts the Letters that were cloſed with the end of the Bodkin to their adjunct Letters, that needed no cloſing.
      5. Mainstream Hollywood would not cater to the taste for sexual sensation, which left a space for B-movies, including noir.
      6. Functional analysis is best approached through a sound knowledge of Hilbert space theory. ‎
      7. innovation in the browser space
  • 動詞 (Verb)SGspacesPRspacingPT, PPspaced
    1. OBS VI To roam, walk, wander.
      1. VT To set some distance apart.
        1. Faye had spaced the pots at 8-inch intervals on the windowsill. The cities are evenly spaced.
      2. To insert or utilise spaces in a written text.
        1. This paragraph seems badly spaced.
      3. VT To eject into outer space, usually without a space suit.
        1. The captain spaced the traitors.
    2. より多くの例
      1. 文の途中で使用される
        • In parasitic species the hyphae spread in the intercellular spaces of the host and produce asexual fruitification, and acervulus, below the epidermis.
        • Our results suggest that connectomic inference should proceed in the joint space of the two connectomes, which has significant neuroscientific implications..
        • The nearly continuous light curves with micromagnitude precision provided by the space mission Kepler are revolutionising our view of pulsating stars.
      2. 文の初めに使われる
        • Space research often provides a spin-off for everyday technology.
        • Space is the Phantasme of a Thing existing without the Mind simply.
      3. 文の終わに使われる
        • Furthermore, most cattle had haemoconcentration and increased haematocrit because of loss of water into the peritoneal space.
        • The superconformal algebra can be realized on supertwistor space.
        • I re-encoded my digital music collection at a lower bitrate to save disk space.
    • 品詞階層 (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
      1. 名詞
        • 可算名詞
          • 絶対単数
            • 不可算名詞
          • 動詞
            • 自動詞
              • 他動詞
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            3. en spacer
            4. en spacecraft
            5. en space-time
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